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Bride and groom at a spring rustic, intimate wedding at The Cow Shed Cornwall. Ideal for a romantic elopement for 2 or 2 plus a few, small group weddings or intimate celebrations of up to 100 treasured guests.

Tips to Plan an Amazing Intimate Wedding


Tips to Plan an Amazing Intimate Wedding


An intimate wedding can be deeply personal and special, allowing you to spend the most important day of your life with just those who matter to you the most. Whether you plan it on small budget or indulge in a more lavish day with your carefully chosen guests, a smaller wedding with your closest family and friends or an elopement wedding for two or two plus a few can be exquisite and highly memorable when you plan it well. Here are some tips from the team at Best for Bride to help you plan an amazing intimate wedding.

Flowers, swing and confetti at a spring rustic, intimate wedding at The Cow Shed Cornwall

Tip 1 - Make The Most of Your Budget

Smaller weddings don’t necessarily have to be simple affairs. With a limited guest list, you can put your financial resources to better use. Do something unique. Make the most of your wedding budget by splurging on your priorities. This could be a fantastic meal, great wedding favours, or excellent entertainment for your guests.

Tip 2 - Choose a Meaningful Venue

When you have a smaller guest list, you have many more venue options. Either choose a location that is meaningful to you or find a venue that is specifically suited for the wedding you have in mind. You can choose your favorite restaurant, a grand hotel, or a beautiful venue with exquisite scenery to make your wedding extra-special. It could also be your backyard, a romantic destination overseas, or a local park.

Tip 3 - Determine Your Priorities

If you have opted for an intimate wedding due to budgetary constraints, start your wedding planning by choosing your priorities. Decide on your must-have’s. Devote the biggest chunk of the wedding budget to these essentials. Limit the rest. When you splurge on your priorities and cut back on what isn’t essential, you can still have the type of wedding you’re dreaming of without spending more than you can afford.

Rustic Spring Wedding at the Cow Shed

Tip 4 - Adapt the Ceremony and Traditions to Suit your Wedding Style

Small, intimate weddings have a different feel to larger weddings, so some of the aspects of the typical wedding function may not be appropriate for this type of wedding. A wedding processional, for example, may seem out of place if the venue doesn’t have an actual aisle or most of the guests aren’t seated. Be prepared to plan your wedding differently to adapt to these conditions. Similarly, typical wedding parties have one bridesmaid per fifty guests. However, this rule needn’t apply to you. Have as many or as few bridesmaids and groomsmen as you choose to have. The good news is, a small, unique wedding gives you many other options that aren’t available to other brides. You can focus on mingling with your guests and enjoying time with them, instead of standing in the receiving line and smiling a quick goodbye.

Tip 5 - Involve the Guests

You will have plenty of time to meet and greet each and every one of your guests when there are fewer people on the list. Even a wedding with up to 80 or 100 treasured guests can still feel like an intimate affair, with ample opportunity to connect with each person. Your guests will appreciate it even more when you devote special attention to them. Plan the wedding day in such a way that they can all be involved in the wedding celebration. For example, you can do this by involving them in the ceremony or seating all the guests around one big table for the reception.


Also, if you would rather have a small wedding but a part of you is torn by wanting to include more family and friends, you can still have the intimate wedding you want and find other ways to celebrate with more guests. For example, you could invite a small guest list to your ceremony and main reception, and invite more people to the evening celebrations where you serve a light buffet or snacks.

Spring Rustic Wedding - Vintage china and floral centerpieces at a rustic wedding at The Cow Shed Cornwall

Tip 6 - Focus on the Guest Experience

When your guests realise that they are among the select few you have invited to participate in your wedding, they’re bound to feel honoured. Give them a wonderful day and your wedding will be one of their best memories. Lay out elaborate plans so every guest enjoys the event. For example, you could arrange for special transportation, classic-style entertainment, an elaborate meal, exceptional wines or unique wedding favors to give everyone an unforgettable experience. You can also plan events leading up to the wedding in pomp and style, so it builds excitement for the actual wedding day. Remember – with careful planning it is possible to create an amazing intimate wedding experience on either a small or extravagant budget. Smaller budgets just tend to require greater creativity and more focused priorities.

Tip 7 - Spare No Detail

When it is a small wedding, people are bound to pay more attention to the décor and details. Keep in mind that it will be more difficult to hide deficiencies and flaws when the crowd is smaller and more attentive, so don’t compromise on the details. If you aren’t hiring a wedding consultant or won’t have a wedding planner from your venue to help you, take extra care with the organisation. Go all out in planning the décor and details so everything will be ‘just so’ on your special day.

Tip 8 - Be Prepared for Some Disappointment from Those Who Weren't Invited

There are bound to be at least few people who will feel let down because you didn’t invite them to the wedding. However, do not feel guilty about your decision. If any of them question you, be honest and tell them you are having a small wedding. It is your special day and you don’t need to justify yourself. Nevertheless, if you are dealing with someone who seems particularly sensitive about the issue, explaining the practicalities behind your decision may help to take the emotion out it. For example, you could stress that you love them and would love to have them there, but you’ve had to make some very difficult decisions for practical reasons (like a small budget) and you hope they understand. Remember that you deserve to have the wedding you always wanted, even if it doesn’t make everyone happy. Focus on what is most important to both of you and stop worrying about what anyone else may think.


Also remember, is possible to have an intimate wedding and find other ways to include more family and friends on your special day – if you wish to do so (see Tip 5). You could also consider having a party a month or two after the wedding for a larger group of friends and family. None of this is compulsory of course but they are options if you genuinely want to include more people without compromising on the intimate wedding you really want.

Spring rustic wedding bride and groom at The Cow Shed, Cornwall. Ideal for elopement weddings, small weddings and intimate gatherings of up to 100 guests.

Tip 9 - Remember that Your Marriage is More Important than Your Wedding Day

Keep this factor in mind and you will no longer find it so difficult to handle any grievances about your decision. It will save you from having second thoughts about the different and intimate wedding you have planned. Remember that your wedding day doesn’t determine the success of your marriage. At the same time, it is an important day that marks the beginning of your special relationship. So keep the focus on your union and the way you want it to be. This will make for better memories and a better start to your marriage. If a small, personal wedding better suits your style, personality and circumstances, don’t have a big bash just because you think it is expected of you.

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Spring Bride and Groom at The Cow Shed at Cornwall. Perfect for romantic elopement, small wedding or gathering or up to 100 guests.

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