Rachel and Steve's Rustic Wedding Ceremony at The Cow Shed





Wondering what it would be like to have an Elopement or Rustic Wedding at The Cow Shed?

Find out what some of our couples and their guests have to say about their special day…

Victoria & Stevie, September 2018

Victoria & Stevie's Rustic Wedding at The Cow Shed 8 Sep 2018As soon as Victoria and I met Sarah and Jeremy and they showed us around their beautiful farmhouse and wedding barns we knew we had to get married there. But what came after we never could have expected.


The warmth, love and friendship Sarah and Jeremy have shown us is truly remarkable and so often missing from the world of wedding venues and suppliers. Sarah and Jeremy have been less like wedding venue owners and more like friends, dropping everything to help us have the most beautiful wedding day we could have imagined. Thanks to them our day was beautiful but more importantly, totally relaxed.


Guests kept coming up to us and saying how chilled, friendly and laid back it was. I think The Cowshed is the antidote to all the worst bits of weddings. And of course, staying in their beautiful Farmhouse was a total dream. The Cowshed and Milking parlour looked amazing with their unique decorations, hay bales and fairy lights. All of that just a few moments back from the beach. We went down to our favourite beach at Whitsand bay for photos and a dip in between lunch and the evening.


Our guests loved it. In fact, I’m sure a few of our guests will be walking down the Cowshed aisle at some point in the future! If you get the opportunity to get married here, grab it with both hands. Thank you so much Sarah and Jeremy.

Melissa & Joe, April 2018

Sarah & Jeremy – Joe and I would like to say a massive thank you for your sterling efforts and attention to detail for our wedding on the 21st of April 2018.


We had the most incredible time; it was truly a fairy tale. The setting was absolutely perfect and suited us down to the ground.  All of our guests commented on how beautiful the location was, and complete with the amazing weather that we had that weekend, we really couldn’t have asked for anything more. It was perfect!


Sarah, I would especially like to thank you for your hard work and attentiveness on the day.  Your ‘extra pair of hands’ was invaluable and very much appreciated!


Thank you so very much.

Debra & Dan, January 2018

Debra and Dan's Rustic Wedding, 2nd December 2017. Newly wed couple being showered with natural flower petal confetti outside The Cow Shed Barn.The Cow Shed – the most exquisite, beautiful, romantic and characteristic place. An incredible rare diamond hidden in a unique part of Cornwall, The Cow Shed is everything you could want in a wedding venue and million times more.


However, as amazing as this place is, it does not compare to the owners Sarah & Jeremy. They without a doubt make this venue what it is and no one else could ever make it as special! From the moment I set foot at The Cow Shed, I knew no venue would ever compete with this rustic, quant place. And then when you are made to feel so welcome by the lovely Sarah & Jeremy, and they bring out the home-made cake, it will leave no doubt you have found the one!


We were lucky enough to get married here on the 2nd of December 2017 and right up till that day Sarah was there whenever I needed advice, reassurance, or just to chat! They made the venue everything we wanted and more, helping us decorate, staying up with us until after midnight the night before the wedding making moss balls, bringing me endless supplies of tea, and not only making me feel like a friend but a family member. I really felt like it was my aunts home where I was fortunate enough to be getting married at, and never felt like a number!


The morning of the wedding my nerves were diabolical. The lovely Sarah, who was already inundated with endless things that needed doing for us (without a moan), brought me a piece of toast cut in tiny squares and begged me to eat one. Never would any other venue do that! They showed love, understanding and heart!


They made everyone feel welcome. Everyone felt at home and everyone commented on how it’s them that make The Cow Shed so great!!


We will be forever grateful to Sarah & Jeremy for making our special day an incredible moment that we will never forget, for taking away every stress you could ever have, and for making us part of the Freathy Farmhouse family!


With endless love, the Oldham family xxx”


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Jim & Tash, May 2017

Jim and Tash Summer Rustic Wedding July 2016, Ceremony in the Cow ShedTo say we were pleased with our wedding at The Cow Shed at Freathy Farmhouse is an understatement. Sarah and Jeremy have made what was already a fantastic location into a stunning venue that blew away our guests, who came from all areas of the globe.


From the moment we saw the Cow Shed and Freathy Farmhouse, we knew that it was the perfect place to hold our wedding. In addition to the Farmhouse, which was made to feel like our own, the Cow Shed and Milking Parlour added an extra notch to the country garden wedding that we desired.


Sarah and Jeremy were extremely professional, hard-working and understanding of our needs, and with this understanding they often went above and beyond the call of duty in adding (making) extra tables and a bar, redistributing bales of hay, and having the foresight to accommodate guests who were previously not able to access areas within the grounds. The service provided by Sarah and Jeremy put us totally at ease and allowed us to fully appreciate and enjoy the day which, so I’m told, isn’t often attributed to other venues.


With a number of ‘outside agencies’ involved – caterer, waiting staff, flower arrangers, dance (ceilidh) caller, wholesalers and the like – both Sarah and Jeremy remained in-tune to our needs and sought to take the pressure off at any given opportunity. We revelled in this freedom and really felt that Freathy was rooting for us to have a successful day.


The personal details and touches provided by Sarah and Jeremy were so welcome and thoughtful, in particular the brides basket choc full of delicious treats and goodies that added an element of excitement to the build up. Breakfast in the morning was sumptuous and just what the doctor ordered after an energetic day packed full of laughs and joy. Our families were treated like old friends, which added to the intimate family style wedding that we hoped we would have.


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Rachel & Steven,  July 2016

Rachel and Steve, Rustic Wedding Ceremony at The Cow Shed, July 2016The longer you stay here, the more you don’t want to leave…


We had our wedding here recently and it will never cease to amaze us just how much dedication and hard work has gone into making this place feel as peaceful and look as beautiful as it does.


Go there. Spend some time relaxing in and around The Old Milking Parlour. Eat some amazing home cooked food. Drink coffee. Listen to the birds in the trees and the wind over the ocean.


If you’re looking for more reviews, we can point you in the direction of over a hundred people that will all say the same as we just have and who in their own little way, will have come away with The Cow Shed and Freathy Farmhouse etched in their minds for a very long time!


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