6 things to help make your wedding perfect

by Hattie Frisby
5th September 2019
Victoria and Steve first dance

The ring is on your finger and you’ve set a date – so you’d better get planning your dream wedding!

Unless you have specific ideas already in mind, organising your wedding can be very overwhelming! 

Here are our top tips for starting, and surviving, the whole process.

1. Embrace the moment

Don’t think you have to rush straight into planning mode, the moment you’ve said yes. Whether you’re planning a 12 week or 12 month engagement, there’s plenty of time; so relax, breathe and take some time to savour that ‘just engaged’ feeling.

2. Think about the bigger picture

lisa and paul's elopement at the cow shed

Would you prefer a church or ceremony at a licensed venue? A big or a small wedding? In the city, by the sea, or in the country?

3. Decide on a budget ASAP

It’s never a romantic conversation, but the sooner you can sit down and decide on a budget, the better. Getting organised and keeping up communication ensures everyone’s on board and avoids potential conflicts. The sooner you get it sorted, the sooner you can move on to sorting out the fun stuff, like cake and dresses.

4. Prioritise what matters


Spend money on what’s important and work out how to save money on what’s not. Do you have a friend that can make amazing playlists, leaving more money for your dream dress? Can you make your flowers go further than just the church and use them in your reception venue too?

5. Don’t get lost in details

So many couples lose sight about what their big day is all about. Whether it’s staying in a budget or making family happy, remember why you’re doing this and be realistic.

6. It’s good to break the rules

the cow shed weddings

Rule breaking can be great at weddings; taking something fairly traditional and adding a unique, fresh twist can be inspiring, refreshing, and great for you and your guests.

Why not take the indoors outdoors, and create a reception under the stars, complete with chandeliers, sofas, and sumptuous throws, and cushions to create a laid-back luxurious feel? Dare to do something different!

However you plan your wedding, remember to make it ‘you’ and inject it with your personalities, tastes and styles.

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